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Midwest Construction, with forty years of experience, provides quality professional services to specific applications in residential and commercial applications throughout the Midwest. As an lnternational Building Code tested general contractor, Midwest Construction has both the knowledge and experience to complete the job properly and professionally every time.

Our residential division provides replacement of all types of roofing, siding and windows. We work with numerous suppliers to have all brands and models available for each client. Midwest Construction works with all insurance companies to provide a seamless service from start to finish and all work are warranted.

Our commercial division specializes in both liquid coatings and metal replacement on all applicable commercial and industrial applications throughout the Midwest. Our crews are trained professionals in both liquid coatings applications and metal replacement.

Our commercial division also provides a professional commercial roof inspection service including pictures and an annual report.

Construction Services 

Flexibility To Meet Your Needs

Unique challenges require customized solutions. Our team works with each new client to evaluate needs and set goals for each phase of the project. We take pride in being able to offer robust solutions while providing personalized service and high-quality products and materials. We offer a dedicated and motivated staff that will work with you through each phase of your project. We are focused on meeting your specific needs and goals while providing consistent, repeatable results. So, if you've been looking for solutions but are still looking for the right partner for your next project, contact us today and let us talk with you about how we can make the difference.

We look forward to working with you.

Flexibility To Meet Your Needs


We are proud to offer some of the most experienced and well trained team members in the area. Each member of our staff is fully capable of assisting with your projects from start to finish and to make sure the job is completed efficiently and correctly. We take our industry seriously and understand that you have several options available. We appreciate the opportunity to show you how we stand out from our competitors and want to earn your recommendation and future business. Contact us today with your questions and let us help you get started.

Consistent Results

We are proud of the reputation we've built upon consistent, repeatable results. And, we are proud that many of our previous clients continue to come to us with new projects. We treat every project as an opportunity to earn your recommendation and your continued business. Our team is highly motivated to make sure your project is successful and you can continue to apply solutions to continue to seek further growth, success, and exceed your goals. We do this with a consistent application of best practices and experience in the industry to ensure results are repeatable each time.
Consistent Results


We are dedicated to providing robust, durable solutions that provide years of service. We deliver this by using the highest quality materials and the proper techniques to ensure that your solution is customized to your needs and will last. We also ensure that you understand how to use your solutions to continue to meet your goals. And, as always, or dedicated team of experienced professionals is ready to help with your questions or concerns.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and to find out how we can meet your needs, both today and into the future.



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