Certified Roof lnspection Service
The first line of defense for any structure is its roof and the protection it provides for equipment and inventory, plus preventing lost production time. Having a current inspection record and report on file is a critical component in both facility management and annual budgeting.
lnsurance statistics show that millions of dollars of damage and lost production is caused by roof failures that proper planning and maintenance would have prevented.
Midwest Construction offers a certified annual inspection program that includes pictures and a written report and recommendations on each roof enrolled in the program. These inspections, reports and recommendations keep owners, management and facility managers abreast of their roof conditions along with providing documentation for budgeting and building maintenance.
This service is a valuable asset for both protecting your facilities, equipment and production. lt also keeps current information on file for planning and budgeting the most economical method of maintenance and/or replacement.
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Roof Inspection Contract
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