Astec Acrylic

Midwest Construction is an authorized applicator of the Astec Acrylic coating system, a fluid applied system that eliminates tear-offs of existing Roof system. Astec is manufactured with the highest quality components available.

Installations cost can be reduced by 50% of more with the Astec Acrylic system. With built-in UV reflectors its Green Compliant and Energy saving. Lower power expenditures will pay for the roof in time and continue to provide both savings and comfort for the live of the system.


  • Fluid applied systems provide a long term solution at a greatly reduced cost along with a reduced installation time.
  • Fluid applied systems are multi-layered systems that create a seamless waterproof seal over existing qualified substrate, eliminating costly tear-off and replacement.
  • Fluid applied systems have UV protection included that reduce interior temperatures and power demands while generating long term savings.
  • Fluid applied roof systems are fully deductible in the year of application.
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